Diagnostic Services

Treatment begins with an initial diagnostic evaluation to review your present concerns and a history of your physical and mental health.

Prior to your first appointment, you will receive an email link to complete all of your new patient forms online. We ask that you complete all of the documents 24 hours before your appointment. This allows us to focus more on you during your appointment and not paperwork. Please provide any records from previous providers about your past medication treatments, inpatient treatments, or medical history that has impacted your mental health.

During the appointment, you’ll have time given to converse with your provider. While diagnostic questioning is part of the process, we want to hear you describe your thoughts, experiences, and symptoms in your own words.

Based on the discussion, the provider will select an appropriate diagnostic process to develop your personal plan of care. Each step is taken in collaboration with you, considering your symptoms and past experiences.

Medication Management

After you’ve completed your initial visit and we have developed your personal plan of care, you will have several follow-up visits to discuss your progress. These visits are an opportunity to understand how you are progressing. If necessary, we will discuss any medication adjustments to ensure that you are getting the optimal benefit from your medication treatment plan. These visits are also opportunities to build a therapeutic relationship with your provider. Each appointment is a conversation about your treatment, a time to answer your questions and to help you understand more about your mental health.


For established patients, we offer convenient telemedicine services using our secure online videoconferencing portal.

Whether you prefer face-to-face appointments or telemedicine, your care plan will be centered on wellness and improving your quality of daily life.

IV Hydration Therapy

IV Therapy is one of the most exciting wellness treatments that’ll replenish your body with hydration and nutrients, can increase energy levels, can improve the signs of aging, can improve muscle recovery, and can also boost stamina. With some treatments offered, we can help alleviate the pains of fibromyalgia and migraines. The nutrients and hydrating solutions are all-natural and administered by an experienced medical professional in a safe environment.

We’re mobile, too! Milage will be added to the cost of the treatment, and you are welcome to invite friends, family, coworkers to join in the experience.

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